Our Contact Info

Currently the most reliable way to contact the office is by email:  info@albertacamping.com   Phone (if you leave a phone number) or email responses are usually within 48 hours or less.

We do currently maintain an office in Edmonton.  However, the ED works remotely, so there is often no-one in the office.

Other Contacts:

Gwen Dell'Anno (Executive Director):  gdellanno@albertacamping.com

Gerrit Leewes (president):  gerrit@campwarwa.org

Brad Andrews (chair, Accreditation & Standards):  brada@frontierlodge.ca

Ted Lockie (VP; chair, Education & Member Services):  Ted.Lockie@diabetes.ca

Edmonton office contact:                                               Water Valley contact:

11759 Groat Road NW                                                     PO Box 341
Edmonton, AB                                                                          Water Valley, AB
T5M 3K6                                                                                      T0M 2E0

Phone: 403.477.5443

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