Christmas Camps

Your daily tasks have changed from canoe instruction and bird feeder crafts to clearing snow, gathering firewood, and baking Christmas treats. For those camps who stay open to rental groups throughout the winter, the holiday season can be a great time for banquets, Christmas camps and get togethers. It’s also a wonderful time to re-connect with your campers and their families, or add winter holiday programs to the roster to help out in these leaner times.

Christmas Holiday Camps

The two weeks school children get off for Christmas holidays is a relaxing holiday for some. For many working parents, it’s a stressful time of organizing childcare and making sure their children are keeping busy. Have you ever considered running a kids camp during the holiday break? There are many benefits.

Benefits of Running Christmas Holiday Camps

  • It keeps your summer camp ‘top of mind’ year round with positive off -season programming. Your camp families will remember your camp, and remember it more often throughout the year, if there is something for them in the winter.
  • It generates extra revenue when most camps are trying to think of ways to increase group use programming in the quieter season.
  • It comes with all the positive benefits of camp, giving children a refreshing break from school and home. Instead of eating treats and playing video games their socializing with new friends, getting physical activity, connecting with nature and building self esteem.
  • You can increase the number of children who will receive a positive, life-changing experience by offering kids camps during Christmas break and increase the quality (and quantity) of your camps offerings to the community.
  • Use this time of year to further train your high school student volunteers and staff, who will also be on break.

Activity Ideas for Christmas Holiday Camps

  • General - snow fortSnow shoeing, cross country skiing and ice skating
  • Snow soccer, soccer-baseball, ice hockey and road hockey
  • Indoor arts and crafts
  • Outdoor arts and crafts: snow sculptures, snowman building contests, painting with ice cubes coloured with food colouring.
  • Treasure and scavenger hunts
  • Build snow forts
  • Skits, improvisations and drama games
  • Making and decorating sugar cookies, gingerbread houses and gingerbread men
  • Christmas banquets

In an age of video games, tablets, smart phones and high definition televisions, kids need the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, in a positive and encouraging setting where they can get exercise and make new friends. Whether you choose to run day camp programs or hold an overnight residential camp, including a winter camp opportunity for your campers and communities will benefit your organization and your campers.

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