KNOW YOUR FA(c)TS: Learning about Saturated & Trans Fats in the Camp Kitchen

Do you think your camp kitchen is contributing to health risks for using harmful fats in your camp cooking?  Just because a product might claim they use vegetable based products and not animal based, doesn't mean it's necessarily healthy.  You need to read the label and see the percentage of saturated fat and trans fat in each product you use for frying and baking.

General - Fat chart

Dr. Clive Schwatz is an Assistant Professor of Paediactrics at the University of Toronto and has been a camp physician for 13 years.  He has provided some resources to give camps an idea of the alternatives that are available to camps.  Dr. Schwartz is challenging ALL camps that make and serve food to swap out those products that are high in saturated and trans fat and consider the available alternatives.

Here are some options:

 Frying Shortenings Overview

All Purpose NH 46 Shortening

Majestic NH 33 All Purpose Shortening

 All Purpose Vegetable Shortening

Nutra-Clear High Stability Canola

Vegetable Frying Shortening NH CA


Personal Disclaimer & Waiver from Dr. Clive Schwartz

This information is provided only to educate and facility the process of practical improvement of wellness in our communities.  I have taken this initiative individually and have made every effort to ensure that the information provided is correct however I cannot assume responsibility for inadvertent inaccuracies.  I have no personal or financial interests with any manufacturer or distributor or with the OCA.

Clive J. Schwartz, MB BCh, FRCPC

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