2015 ACA Fall Camps Tour a Success!

The Alberta Camping Association had a great opportunity to tour two camps in the Pigeon Lake region:  Mulhurst Lutheran Church Camp and Covenant Bay Bible Camp.  We had about 16 people representing 7 camps from all over Alberta.

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Mulhurst Lutheran Church Camp


Mulhurst Lutheran Church Camp is located on the eastern shore of Pigeon Lake.  They offer summer camp program for children, youth and families along with several retreats throughout the year.  They also have a seasonal RV lot leasing area and are available for group rentals and events. 

Our tour began in the main lodge and dining area with a quick power point presentation.  We learned that much of their 129 acres of land was purchased in the late 1940s for under $10,000!  What a great deal!  The land closest to the waterfront area has most of the camp buildings on it including the craft shack, cabins, lodge and dining area, waterfront sauna and an outdoor shelter.  This area also has their beach front, campfire area and archery range.


We loaded up on a tractor-pulled wagon for a tour of their land across the road.  This wild and vast land is used for wilderness programming including nature hikes, outdoor cooking and occasional camp outs.  The land is also used as a revenue generator as it is leased to local cattle farmers as grazing lands during the summer months and to cut firewood for sale with proceeds benefiting the camp.

Mulhurst Lutheran Church Camp offers canoeing and kayaking, archer, sports, wide games, crafts and a great arts program that includes music, dance and drama.  Learn more about them at www.mulhurstlutherancamp.ca.  

 Covenant Bay Bible Camp

In the afternoon we traveled around Pigeon Lake to visit Covenant Bay Bible Camp.  Our tour began with a hot lunch of chicken stew, biscuits and warm apple crisp!  After spending some time together and learning about each other's camps, we started our tour of Covenant Bay.

This camp also has a very rich history.  It began at the turn of the 20th century has a home stead and after a few organizational and name changes, grew to be the awesome summer camp it is today!  They offer summer camp programs for children, teens and adults along with weekend retreat camps including a ladies retreat, wilderness adventure camp and a brand-new marriage retreat.

Walking along the waterfront, we learned of their extensive water sport programming.  Covenant Bay Bible Camp offers water skiing and wake boarding programs that are a huge hit among kids and teens.  They also run a wilderness-themed program where older campers enjoyed a canoe trip on Pigeon Lake and camp over night at Tide Creek.  The wilderness program for younger campers includes learning about wilderness survival, outdoor cooking and a hiking adventure in nearby Pigeon Lake Provincial Park.  These programs are two of four choices with the others being an arts program and a derby car or rocket building program.


Older cabins have been repurposed into storage, staff housing and a functional day camp building.  Their day camps provide affordable child care options for families in the Pigeon Lake community, are offered on a day-to-day basis and is a great way to turn neighbourhood preschoolers into future campers.


Learn more about Covenant Bay Bible Camp at www.covenantbay.ca

Spring Camps Tour

The ACA Annual Conference is on March 21-23, 2016 at River's Edge Camp and Conference Centre in Water Valley, Alberta.  We look forward to touring that camp and perhaps others in the area at that time.  Stay tuned for more details.

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