Report on CCA's Tree Planting Program

Has your camp participated in the Canadian Camping Association's Tree Planting Program?

This was the seventh year that the CCA partnered with Andrea Koehle Jones, Executive Director of the ChariTREE Foundation, to offer free seedlings to all Canadian camps.  Camps can teach their campers about nature, how things grow and provide an opportunity for kids to connect with nature as they plant the trees.  Campers can come back year after year and see how the tree they planted has grown!  Not only is it an educational opportunity and an easy add-on to your camp programming, it also serves the practical need of your camp and it's grounds.

This program is open to all Canadian camps, including those that planted trees in previous years. Given the known benefits to camps and campers, you're encouraged to join the program next year.

Campers Beautify Canada - Report from the CCA

Reports from across the country confirm the many benefits of CCA’s Tree Planting Program. Plan to take part in 2016!

“As this was our 75th anniversary, the planting of these trees will help to make our camp even more beautiful for the next 75 years. The children also had a chance to plant one at home so this is an added blessing as they can watch their tree at home grow and enjoy the one at camp when they return each year.”
~ Lois Budd, UCW Rep, Camp Ta-Wa-Si, New Brunswick

“The interest and involvement of our campers in this annual experience is terrific and invaluable for them and for the environment.”
~ Jocelyn Palm, Director/Owner, Glen Bernard Camp, Ontario

“Trees are looking healthy after the summer. We’ll monitor them over the winter and look forward to their progress come spring.”
~ Breanna Heinrichs, Nature Instructor, Camp Assiniboia, Manitoba

“Our LIT students had a great time in the first week of July planting trees. This is enabling our camp to continue looking beautiful.”
~ Sean Cruickshank, Executive Director, The Quest at Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan

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