Human Foosball

Foosball is a fun game.  Human foosball is even better!  Almost every camp, regardless of your facility can easily set up a human foosball arena.  It works best inside a gymnasium or large common room, but with a little improvising you can play it outdoors or in any large space.  

Building the Human Foosball Arena:

If you’re using a gymnasium, you’ll have to install some hooks or rings to the walls.  If you’re unable to install hooks right into the studs of the wall, you can still set up the game but you’ll have to be a little more creative.  You’ll want 6 rings evenly spaced along two facing walls, or some kind of fastening device in the same spots.  The idea is to be able to run a rope from one ring, across the gym, and attach it in a straight line to the other ring across.

 General - Foosball arena

You want to space out the ropes enough that players holding onto them can move back and forth without hitting players on the rope in front or behind them.  Before fastening one end of the ropes, slide a long piece of plastic pipe (PCV pipe works well) along the rope and put some colourful tape along the pipe to indicate where the players are positioned and where they hold on. 

Use colourful tape to mark the nets on each side of the room.

The Rules

Just like table-top foosball, human foosball plays like soccer with two teams trying to score on each other by kicking the ball into the next without using hands.  Unlike real soccer, the players are all ‘fused’ to the bars, or in our case the ropes, and must only move by sliding side to side along the rope.  Players must keep their hands on the poles at all times.

You can use as many players as you want, as long as they fit onto the rope and it isn’t too congested.  It works best  if you use the same number of players used in real foosball: a goalie, three mids, and two forwards.  You can adjust the set-up according to the size of the group.

You can set a score or time you want to play to, or just play until the activity block is through.

Don’t have an indoor space for human foosball?

You can get creative and make it outdoors too.  Here is what some people did with hay bales and long steel poles:

Photo from Badge of Awesome

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