Promoting Tax Incentives to Drive Year-End Giving

The holiday giving season doesn’t stop on December 25th!  According to CanadaHelps, nearly 11% of donations are donated in the last three days of December.  Canadians give last-minute to take advantage of the tax incentives offered by both the Federal and Provincial governments.  This allows donations to work even harder for non-profit and charitable organizations like your camp.

If your camp is registered with CanadaHelps for online giving, you could send out a few final year-end calls for donations and take advantage of this time.

CanadaHelps provides a number of resources to help charities design and send year-end digital campaigns.  Sending digital reminders on the last few days of December to your donors and supporters could bring in big results.  People are eager to improve their tax benefits before the year ends and the holiday season often puts us in the mood for generous giving.

Crafting Year-End Email to Donors

Make sure your subject line has a clear call to action.  Short subject lines that grab attention or pose a question encourage people to open and read your email.  Make sure that as soon as they open the email they can see a call-to-action or donation button that motivates them to take action.

CanadaHelps offers ideas for strong subject lines:

  • Just 24 Hours to Make Your Donation for a 2015 Charitable Tax Receipt
  • 3 Days Left to Make Your 2015 Tax-Back Charitable Donation!
  • Last Chance! Make Your Year-End Charitable Donation by Midnight
  • Have You Made Your Tax-deductible Charitable Donation?

For softer subject lines try something like:

  • It’s not too late to donate for a 2015 charitable tax receipt.
  • Donate by December 31st to receive a charitable tax receipt for your 2015 return!
  • Donate before midnight on December 31st and instantly get a 2015 charitable tax receipt.

It’s great to be direct, but if you are worried you might catch your donors by surprise it’s important to stay conversational when reminding them about deadlines to take advantage of tax incentives.  Give them information about your camp, what you use donations for and how these gifts help make a real difference in the lives of children and families that attend your camp. 

You can find ideas for conversational messaging from the CanadaHelps Tax Time Toolkit.  

You can also offer the opportunity for your supporters to actually calculate their savings through giving to your camp before December 31st.  Include this link to the CanadaHelps Tax Calculator.

Use Visual Creative

Pictures and graphics quickly catch the attention of readers and can give your message a warm, welcoming and more playful approach.  The Tax-Time Toolkit from CanadaHelps offers email and web banners as well as other graphic images to use in your messaging. Download them here.  


Be sure to use images of your camp as well.  Pictures of children and people having fun work best.

General - Girls at Camp - CCA Photo

Incentives for Young Supporters & First Time Donors

Have a lot of young supporters?  Being a summer camp, you probably have supporters in their teens and early 20s.  Educate these supporters on the benefits of claiming their charitable donations.  Speak to the First Time Donor’s Super Credit which became available through the Federal government in 2013. 

The First Time Donor’s Super Credit offers an over-and-above 25% one-time tax credit on your charitable gifts up to $1,000.  It’s available to any Canadian who is new to charitable giving or has not claimed a charitable donation in the last five years.

Learn more at 

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