Summer Camp Health Initiative

The Summer Camp Health Initiative (SCHI) is an initiative developed by staff for staff that share a passion for both overnight camp and health care. Staff that participate in SCHI have the opportunity to develop and run their own projects, programs, or in some cases, larger studies, and work together towards health promotion at overnight camps. 

Current programs include a first-aid training program for camp staff and a research study into injury and illness at camp. Camps can join SCHI and access the information and benefits at no cost. 

Why join the SCHI?

  • It's free!  SCHI is a not-for-profit organizaiton.
  • You'll advance health promotion and healthcare at your camp.
  • It will help promote staff retention.
  • You can use it as a marketing tool to prospective camper families. You can include a SCHI member icon on your camp's website.
  • You'll gain access to validated camp specific first aid programming for your staff.

More About the Summer Camp Health Initiative 

The Summer Camp Health Initiative is a project developed by four medical students at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. They are also keen, experienced campers. Their focus is on health promotion and injury and illness prevention at summer camps.  

SCHI Objectives:

  • ​To advance the efficiency and effectiveness of the medical practice at camp (prevention, education, and care)
  • To review existing health policies and protocols, and identify areas of improvement
  • To promote staff retention, by providing staff with practical academic opportunities while being at camp
  • To promote the development of health-related projects, policies, and procedures to be shared amongst a network of camps.

What SCHI does to reach objectives:

SCHI is aimed at encouraging camps and staff to get involved in the advancement of healthcare, primary prevention and health promotion. We aim to do this through:

  • Research Studies
  • Reports
  • Programs (for staff or campers)
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Policy/Protocol (write-ups, analysis and implementation)

All staff who participate in SCHI will receive a certificate of participation!

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