Helping Camp Staff Make Good Decisions

The 4 S’s - Camp Code Camp Staff Should Live By

We saw this image posted on Facebook by CampHacker and thought it was a great thing to share. The 4S’s camp code is an effective tool for helping your camp staff make good decisions throughout their busy days at camp. You are not and cannot be there all the time for them to ask what they should do, so equipping them with this simple tool will empower them to make decisions the same way you would.

At your next staff meeting, share the 4S’s camp code with your staff and tell them that in order to do anything at camp they must be able to answer “Yes” to all of these questions:

  1. Is it safe?
  2. Does it build a person’s self-esteem?
  3. Are you being a servant to others/putting other’s needs above your own?
  4. Is it good stewardship for the environment?

You can also make laminated cards for staff to have with them throughout the day like in the image above. Here is the text used in that example for your reference:

Safety: Is it safe for me and others? How can we be safe and keep others safe at camp?

Self-Esteem: Does it promote my self-esteem or the self-esteem of others? How can we be kind to ourselves and others?

Servanthood: Does it serve our community? What does our community need? How can we give it to them?

Stewardship: Does it promote good stewardship of the environment? How can we be more kind to the nature around us?

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