Save on Food with Foodbuy!

Did you know that because you are a member of the Alberta Camping Association, you are also a member of the Canadian Camping Association? That means you have access to all of their membership benefits as well as ours.

More Canadian camps are discovering that Foodbuy is the answer to feeding campers well while staying within the budget. Want to know more about the Foodbuy program and the difference it can make for your camp? You will get:

  • 10-20% average invoice savings
  • 3% rebate potential on contracted items
  • Contracts on food, non-food, chemicals and linens with our 400+ manufacturers

 “Foodbuy has provided our camp with a tremendous annual financial benefit,” says Sol. “We were also surprised and impressed by the number of times we took advantage of their advice and willingness to advocate on our behalf.” - Sol Birenbaum, Co-owner and Director of Camp Walden in Ontario.

Here are a few FAQs camps have about the Foodbuy program:

Do I buy food from Foodbuy? No, the program is set up with your current distributor. They work with many distributors like Sysco, Summit, Gordon Foodservice, Flanagan’s, Weston’s Fresh Direct and Natrel.

If I am already buying from one of the distributors, what do I need to do? It is simple. You sign a few forms and they do all of the work. You continue buying as you have been and they collect your purchase data and invoice the suppliers for your rebates. All you need to do is deposit your monthly commission cheques from Foodbuy.

What happens if I am already working with another GPO or buying program? They can show you the cost savings on their program. All the need is a score report or invoices from your current distributor.

 “I would recommend the Foodbuy program to any camp large or small. The process to join the Foodbuy program is simple, flawless and pain free. We have been on the program for two months and have realized several thousands of dollars in savings on purchases plus we have received rebate cheques from national brands.” - Harry Edwards, CCA Past President and Executive Director of Stillwood Camp, BC

For more information or to sign up for Foodbuy email

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