Increasing Productivity Before Year's End

 "HINTS" from Camp Consultant Joanna Warren Smith 

How is productivity in the camp office from the last day of the summer until the end of the year?  

Directors unanimously agreed that indeed 'the amount of work expanded to the time allowed' and their teams were casual about getting programmatic and logistical issues resolved quickly in the fall.  Their staff members spent lots of time thinking, planning and discussing not executing and making things happen.  All the Directors lamented the fact that if the details don't get addressed before the end of the year, they get lost and ultimately, never get done in the frenzy of the New Year when hiring becomes the priority.

Are there issues you want fixed for next year?  Do you want your entire camp experience to be more intentional?  Do you prefer a new way of communicating with parents and want a real plan?  Are there scripts that should be written to establish more efficient and effective delivery protocols for activities and events?  Do you have staff performance issues that must be addressed?  Whatever your focus, please don't waste the upcoming 25 work days.


Galvanize the Troops.  Call your team to action and inspire them to resolve the critical issues BEFORE they go on their Christmas/Holiday vacation.

Identify Priorities.  Select the 3-5 most crucial items that will help you provide 'a noticeably improved product' in 2017.

Establish Accountability.  Be precise about what must be done and who is responsible to make it happen.

Give Deadlines.  Announce a realistic time line and hold everyone to the schedule.

Use Incentives if Necessary.  Determine an affordable, yet 'priceless' reward that will help folks get into the spirit of 'getting it done.' When staff question your rationale for this new approach, remind them that if they wait until next year, the items will not be addressed and your product will not be as good as it can be ... for the campers.

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