Take Steps to Increase Camper Enrollments

 "HINTS" from Camp Consultant Joanna Warren Smith 

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I’m always surprised by camps that intentionally launch registration after the 1st of the year, but many do.  If that’s your situation or if you’re verging on being fully subscribed, I encourage you to resolve now to ‘put even more heads in the beds!’  And that's intended for day camps too!


Scrutinize Weekly Data.  Every Friday, share your current registration numbers with the camp team.  Use categories like: unique campers, camper weeks, new campers and returning campers and compare it to the same date the last two years are essential.  If you can also secure gender and age enrollments, they’ll help you see the complete picture.

Brainstorm Trend Issues.  Challenge each team member to study the numbers and come to a Monday Morning 15-minute ‘Rapid Fire” session to share possible ‘fixes’ for trends.  You may find that boy registrations are up and realize that the visuals on your home page are of totally engaged males with bland pictures of posing females.  Or you may realize that you have no new campers and decide to become very intentional about cultivating new prospects.

Focus on Retention.  Continue to keep campers emotionally connected to their memories of camp and remind parents about the positive ‘return on their investment’.  Kids love having access to a website page that allows them to see which staff are returning and the new counselors they'll have fun with.  Parents tell me that they are impressed by staff pages that feature 'such wholesome young men and women' who could be role models for their kids.

Leverage Connections with ‘New Acquisition’ Potential.  Whether you’re at a camp fair, a parent-hosted event, the shopping mall or an open house at camp, secure contact information and use it to follow up intentionally and confidently.

Track New Inquiries.  Parents really want to be ‘courted to the sale’.  They will not tolerate being treated casually.  Confirm the content and warmth of all of your follow-up pieces.  Encourage parents to call you or connect in person to build relationships. If the systems are in place, these suggestions should be a snap.  

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