Creating a Good Job Description

The first place you should start when recruiting your summer staff is to build a proper job description for each available position. Not only will a good job description help you find more suitable candidates for your vacant positions, it will also help your new employees understand what their duties are and what is expected of them.

General - job descriptions

Job descriptions help your staff and your camp.

Each job description should include the position's duties and responsibilities, the importance of the position's duties and how they play in with the entire team. It should also be clear how the position contributes to the mission and goals of your summer camp.

A job description will be beneficial for your camp too. It will make sure that the work that is carried out by your staff is well-aligned with your organization’s mission. It will also help you clearly identify the most appropriate person for new duties or for shifting work loads.

Job descriptions help find the qualified candidates.

When you have a proper job description, you can more accurately recruit qualified candidates. It will highlight the duties and qualifications required of the position, attracting the right applicants and allowing you to screen out those who don’t quite fit. You can also use the job description to create effective interview questions.

Job descriptions help new staff adjust.

If your staff are very clear on what their new job is and what is expected of them, it will help them settle into their position and your camp culture more easily. Their job description will allow them to see how their position relates to other positions at camp.

A job description can also help you better train your staff. If you have identified areas in the job description where the new employee isn’t quite up to snuff, that is an opportunity for you to offer training in those areas.

Creating a job description.

The aim of a job description is to give you a complete picture of the position: what is done, how it is done and what kind of person is qualified to do those tasks. Some things to consider when writing a job description are:

  • How will the position contribute to the goals and mission of camp?
  • Mention the actual job title, purpose of the job and a little description of your organization.
  • The tasks or functions that need to be done
  • The experience, knowledge, skills and other characteristics that will be required to do the job properly.
  • If there are any special working conditions or physical requirements.

To help you get started, HR Council offers some job profiles and sample job descriptions. Happy hiring! 

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