Mason Jar Meals

We recently came across an article from Camp Business about using mason jars to give kids healthy, easy-to-pack meals at camp. Not only do these meals-to-go look cool, they offer an easy solution for providing packed lunches to a large number of people. Once you get the hang of it you will learn how to turn your favourite camp meals into a mason-jar dining experience!

Photo from Camp Business

Mason jar meals can be created for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can make a fruit, granola and yogurt parfait or an oatmeal and fruit breakfast. For lunch, make a layered cobb salad, pasta salad or tasty burrito jar. For dinner, you can basically layer any meat or protein with rice and cooked vegetables or make a mixed pasta jar.

For dessert, perhaps the most fun course of any meal, you can fill those jars with ice cream in 4-ounce or pint mason jars, put on the lids and freeze until it’s time to eat. Or fill the jar with cubes of chocolate cake, set out options for toppings like fruit, yogurt, raisins and sprinkles.

Possibilities for pre-made meals in mason jars is endless. Need some inspiration? Read these 28 meal ideas you can make in a mason jar. 

Tips for filling jars:

Use larger jars for main dishes like pasta and salads and smaller jars for desserts. If you want to have a sundae bar, make sure you leave room in the jar for the kids to add their own toppings.

Prep the ingredients before hand and fill the jars assembly-line style to make sure there are equal amounts of each ingredient in every jar. This will be a fun meal prep day for your kitchen staff!

Always put the heavier ingredients at the bottom of the jar. Otherwise, those items will crush everything else. For example, if you are putting fresh herbs on a pasta dish, put the herbs on the top and not on the bottom.

Keep your greens and other ingredients from getting soggy by putting the dressing or sauce on the bottom of the jar. You can always mix up the dressing or sauce when it's time to eat!

While any canning jar can be used, the wide-mouthed jars are better for eating out of. 

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