Spring Time Summer Camp Maintenance Tips

The snow has finally melted and you are just a couple of months away from welcoming kids to summer camp! As you’re getting for summer camp, you’ll also taking care of some maintenance of your facilities. Here is a partial list of things to check and fix before the season starts:


Check the faucets and toilets to make sure there are no leaks.

Check every shower head for good flow. They may have gotten clogged over the winter. You can CLR them to keep them clear, or if they’re really bad, replace them all together.

Check the shower curtains for mold and mildew. If you find mold or mildew, replace the shower curtains.

Be sure things like toilet paper and paper towel dispensers are in working order.

Cabins & Other Buildings

Sweep away cob web on the outside of all your buildings.

Check each window to ensure the weather stripping is not cracked or peeling. Replace it if it is.

Inspect each door and window screen and replace ripped screens. You’ll be glad you did come mosquito season!

Replace burnt out or missing light bulbs.

Did you bunks suffer some graffiti over last summer? Now is a great time for a fresh coat of paint!

Around Camp

Replace or repair broken arrows and purchase new archery targets for the season.

If your driveway and roads are a little rough, fill in potholes with gravel.

Make sure garbage bins are placed around each activity, cabin, gathering place and any where else on camp property people might be spending time.

Stock up the fireplace areas with fire wood.

Have gas appliances inspected by ATCO Gas to ensure they’re running safely, properly and at peak performance. ATCO will check your appliances such as the furnace, hot water tank, gas stove and fireplaces free of charge.

If you have a sports field, start planning a lawn care regime. This could include mowing, fertilizing, watering, etc.

Plan a Work Bee

When camps need jobs to get done, particularly with spring cleaning and maintenance, they organize their worker bees (supporters, volunteers, staff, alumni) and have a work bee. An event that is abuzz with activity, togetherness, and satisfaction of hard tasks complete, and done well.

There are more benefits to camps and their community of volunteers than just finally getting those jobs done. Organizing work bee events allows your camp community to experience a time of working together, sharing, re-uniting and building friendships. The opportunity to invest time and hard work in a social setting has many rewards to both the individual and the camp. It’s authentic and very beneficial to all.

Learn more about Planning a Work Bee.


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