Increase Camper Retention

 "HINTS" from Camp Consultant Joanna Warren Smith 

For Increased Retention & New Acquisitions, Strike While the Iron is HOT!

If you wait until September to start talking about next year, you’ll have missed real bonding opportunities with current and potential families.


Help kids see why they must come back.  In the final days of each session, focus on the campers who are leaving.  Help them articulate what they’ve achieved and what they hope to accomplish next summer.

Confirm for 2017 parents that they made a good investment.  Ideally within days of camper departures, parents will receive a brief, powerful summary of what their child accomplished and what s/he can achieve next summer.  Parents say that this type of affirmation plants the seed for returning next summer and places camp on the calendar.  Parents also appreciate the fact that when re-minded that they should re-invest in their children, they put camp in their budget and are receptive to a payment plan.

Intrigue 2017 inquiries to reconsider your camp.  If you have a tour program, invite them to see camp in action, but if not, tantalize them with a great visual and a brief, powerful message that indicates how their child would have benefited if they had been on board this summer.  Parents whose kids went to other camps and those who did not buy camp have reported that this type of outreach opens the door for a new conversation about your camp.

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