Camper Retention = Parent Rentention

 "HINTS" from Camp Consultant Joanna Warren Smith 

Confirm Now that Every Parent Prospect is Treated Like a VIP!

Since last Monday's webinar, I've heard from too many 'embarrassed' camps who confessed that they DO NOT keep track of families who call in to the office, send emails, connect via the web or attend an event.  They also told me that once the initial response is made and they cannot guarantee that it happens every single time, there is NO COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL by which the family is 'courted to the sale'.

Now I understand what parents have been telling me in focus groups ... that 'some camps don't want my business.'  PLEASE!  You work too hard to spread the good word about your camp to give potential clients away to other programs because you don't have a fool-proof system of 'courtship' in place.


Establish the methods by which to secure data.  If it's a phone call, provide a script that engages the caller so that they eagerly share their child's name/age, email and address.  Train the folks who answer the phones and monitor performance.  Make it a priority to enter the data from phone calls on a daily basis.  If it's an inquiry via email or the web, create files for each and religiously store every single initial communication.  If it's an event, collect data as part of the 'sign in' process or being entered into a raffle.

Create a timeline.  An immediate response with a personal note is essential with a second 'hit' in 3-5 days.  Many parents say that they want a phone call and appreciate an immediate email when they speak with a camp rep or receive a message.  Beyond that, one communication/month is sufficient if the outreach is inspiring, relevant, warm and brief.

Keep all the lists 'clean'.  As soon as a parent enrolls, move the data out of the inquiry files so that the families do not continue to receive communications that encourage sales.  Be certain to make permanent note of the method by which each family initially contacted you.

Track your inquiry to conversion rate.  It's empowering to know that if you have 100 inquiries and 10 enroll, your conversion rate is 10%.  Once you know this number, you can fine tune your 'courtship' language and images to increase the rate to the goal of 20-25%.

The care and nurturing of potential clients isn't optional ... it's just good business.

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