Information Request Forms

 "HINTS" from Camp Consultant Joanna Warren Smith 

It is definitely good business to secure as much information as possible about a perspective family when they first inquire.  That being said, a number of moms have told me recently that if the request form is too complicated, they will not complete it and automatically remove that program option from their list of possibilities.
If a parent peruses your website and decides that they’d like to know more, you don’t want them to be 'turned off' by your demand for information that you will secure when the child is registered.


Assess your website request form.  If you can’t be objective, secure parent input to determine if the process appears to be intrusive, too complicated or unnecessary.

Minimize the appearance.  Can the page layout and typeface present a simpler format?

Strategically feature your phone number on every page.  When a parent wants to move from ‘anonymous’ to ‘intimate’, they do not want to have to search to find your phone number.

Consider a chat line.  Many parents have indicated that this feature is very appealing because they can ask a simple question that will determine if they should continue the process.  Since you cannot ‘chat’ 24/7, indicate when you’re available and train the chat line attendants.

You work too hard to risk prospects before they get to know you.  Give parents the ability to reach out and MAKE SURE THAT YOU COURT EVERY SINGLE INQUIRY TO THE SALE.  The care and nurturing of potential clients isn't optional ... it's just good business.

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