Getting Ready For Accreditation Visits

The Alberta Camping Association would like to thank all our member camps for their patience as we re-worked our accreditation process. With the help of our hard working Standards Committee and a new Accreditation Coordinator, we have scheduled accreditation visits to those camps that were due for re-certification. If you’re one of the 50 camps on the list for a visit this summer and haven't been visited yet, we are excited to see you soon!

One big and exciting change this year is adapting to a peer-based accreditation process. That means your camp will be visited by one or two an experienced camp professional, who might be with or without the Accreditation Coordinator. These lead accreditation volunteers are camp directors who run camps near your camp and who have participated in training. That means an experienced and skilled camp person will be going over the standard’s criteria with you and can give you any pointers on how to make things operate better or more efficiently. It is also a cool opportunity for camp pros to visit and learn about other camps and develop relationships with other camp pros too. We hope this builds a strong network and community among camps throughout the province.

This model has been a very successful and rewarding experience for other provincial camp associations and we are looking forward to seeing the benefits at the end of the summer. If you are on the list for a visit, there’s no reason to feel nervous about it. You’ll be visited by casual, friendly camp people who just want what is best for your camp.

To prepare for the visit, read over the latest ACA Standard’s Manual to ensure you know what the visitors will be going over with you.

If you are a day camp, please review the ACA Day Camp Standards Manual here. 

You can also prepare for your visit by reviewing and collecting documents that are required for accreditation. Find that list here: 

If you have any questions, please email our Accreditation Coordinator at

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