Can your camp benefit from GivingTuesday?

We’ve all heard about Black Friday and maybe even Cyber Monday, but what about GivingTuesday? GivingTuesday is a global movement for giving and volunteering that takes place each year after Black Friday. It’s considered the ‘opening day’ of the giving season leading up to Christmas and it’s an opportunity for charities, non-profits, companies and individuals to join together and support their favourite causes. Learn more about GivingTuesday.

Leading up to the day, Giving Tuesday uses social media to promote these causes and provides a platform for charities and non-profit organizations to encourage donations of time, money and talents to address local challenges. GivingTuesday brings communities together and allows individuals, families, businesses and organizations like your camp, care for and empower one another.

How it can benefit your camp:

Social Media Presence

GivingTuesday allows you to leverage their social media presence and jump on board with the global campaign of GIVING. It’s a great opportunity for non-profit camps and organizations to promote themselves, their needs and drive donations. While the GivingTuesday website does not process donations, the provide tools and resources with the GivingTuesday brand, to help you drive donations to your own website or page.

Toolkits and Resources

They have a specific Charity Tool Kit that will help you get started launching your own GivingTuesday campaign. It shares more about the campaign, helpful tips for planning a donation drive campaign or activity, how to promote it using social media and other resources. You will also find graphics and other downloadable resources that you can customize to suit your camp and specific campaign.

The toolkits and resources are free and you can access them here: 

Free Partnership

To get involved, they do ask you to become a Giving Tuesday Partner. Signing up as a partner will allow you to use GivingTuesday to increase donations, get more volunteers, raise awareness and highlight how you make a difference in the lives of children, youth and families in Alberta. Signing up for that is also free, and you can do that here:


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