Camp Tree Planting Program

Has your camp been involved in Canadian Camping Associations tree planting program? The CCA has is pleased to work with the ChariTree Foundation to offer an excellent program that gives campers the fun of planting their own tree at camp. It also improves the look of your camp, the environment and teaches environmental awareness and stewardship to our young campers!

Every year the ChariTree Foundation offers FREE seedlings to all Canadian camps. Last summer over 75 camps across Canada planted a total of 20,000 trees and many of these camps were in Alberta. Andrea Koehle Jones, the Executive Director of ChariTree was able to go on a camps tour this summer to visit participating camps and to see the progress of some of the 100,000 trees campers have planted since the planting program began in 2009.

She made a stop in Alberta and visited our ACA Member Camp, Camp Kasota West. Here is her experience:

“ChariTree has always believed there are some powerful lessons to be gained when campers are able to visit the trees they planted from previous summers. One of those lessons is that from a small idea a big thing grows. We experienced that ‘aha moment’ ourselves when we visited Kathy and Gary Koehler at Camp Kasota West on Sylvan Lake in Alberta. As the Alberta CCA rep responsible for taking tree orders and making sure camps in her province receive their ChariTrees, Kathy has played a vital role in ChariTree’s summer camp program.

Gary showed us where campers have been planting ChariTrees over the years. On our exploration we found some young seedlings planted earlier this summer as well as some strong and 8 ‘ tall blue spruce growing near the lakeshore that must have been four to five years old. To think they started out as tiny seedlings was inspiring.

...It was great to talk to Kathy about her experience and hear about some of the challenges of coordinating the orders and pick-up of the trees. I gained a better appreciation of the logistics required to arrange dates and times for multiple camps to pick up their trees. So thank you so much Kathy and all provincial reps and of course the CCA’s Catherine Ross for all the important work you do.”

Camps are directed to contact their provincial rep (Alberta’s is Kathy Koehler) to place their order in the spring. You may chose to plant between 40 and 800 trees and trees are chosen according to your areas specific growing conditions and local seedling availability. They will be packed in cardboard boxes and your representative will let you know when and where you’ll be able to pick them up.

For more information visit the ChariTree Foundation’s Camps Program page.

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