Winter Camp Games

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When winter gives you snow, you come up with creative ways to play in it!  There are lots of exciting  games you can play in the snow to enhance your winter camp or retreat programming and take advantage of our beautiful winter wonderland.

Snow Golf

This activity can involve making the golf course and actually playing the game. First divide your group into 9 teams. Each team chooses a spot on your snowy sports field or other open area and has to create one of 9 holes in a snow mini-golf course. Encourage them to get creative by smoothing out the ‘green’ (white), making embankments to guide the ball and use a tin can buried in the snow as the golf hole.

Once the course is built you can divide the campers into smaller groups to start playing golf. Have them start at different holes so it doesn’t get too crowded. Use colourful golf balls so they are easily visible and if you don’t have golf putters you can use hockey or broomball sticks instead.

Snow Sculptures

Divide your campers into equal groups of 4 or more. Give each a snow shovel, dull and wide putty knives for carving and squirt bottles filled with water dyed with food colouring for decorating. Instruct each group to shovel a huge mound of snow and then carve out a master piece. Encourage them to decorate it with natural items found in nature or with the food colouring water. It doesn’t have to be a snowman; it could be a castle, race car, animal or even their favourite food!

Have a panel of staff judges. Give away a prize for Judges Choice and then hold an anonymous vote for People’s Choice as well. Have a little reward ceremony inside over hot chocolates and reward the winning teams with a special treat or a ribbon.

Winter Serum Race

This is a fun relay race game that will keep the kids active, running around and having a great time. The scenario is that there is a patient in critical condition and they desperately need a serum to get better. The doctor needs to get the serum before it’s too late!

Split the kids into groups of 2 or more and give each group a sled with a rope tied to the front. The object of the game is to get the serum to the doctor, who is located at the opposite end of the playing field, by hauling a sled full of their friends to 4 different landmarks spread across the field. One player runs and pulls the sled of his or her teammates to the first landmark and then they switch pullers.

The first group to reach the doctor wins.

To make it more difficult have a cup of water filled to the brim that sits on the sled. If they spill the water they have to start again at the last landmark.

Stay safe this winter with these winter safety tips!

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