Recruiting Camp Staff at Job Fairs

Tradeshow and job fair season is upon us. You’ve put the finishing touches on this year’s display and are ready to present your camp and its open job vacancies to the attendees and their networks. It can be a nerve-racking time as you wonder who will approach your booth and even more importantly, who will apply to work at your camp.

Job fairs are a great opportunity for people to learn about your camp. Keep in mind that although there will be other camps there; you are also competing against other employers advertising their higher-paying summer jobs. You want your camp to catch the eye of potential staff.   You want them to come to your booth because as soon as they do they’ll see how awesome your camp is and they’ll have to apply to work there. Right?

Here are some tips for getting the most out of job fairs this season:

Send the right people. Make sure the staff manning your booth are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about your camp. The Camp Director or other management staff should be there to answer questions. It is also an opportunity for potential applicants to see the warm and friendly face of who they will be working for.

Don’t sit at the table or work on other things. How many times do you see bored and tired looking booth attendants playing games on their phone or desperately trying to catch up on work on their lap tops? Do you want to go and talk to them? Nope. Get up! Walk around, make eye contact, chit chat with your booth neighbours.

Be personable but don’t lay it on too thick. You don’t want to scare the people who come to you booth away. Be friendly, smile, give them some information about your camp but don’t be pushy.   Show them your passion in an appropriately measure dose. Show them your personality and that your camp is a fun and rewarding place to work.

Make sure your booth is up-to-date and professional. Too many camps arrive at job fairs with the booth display that was created in 1991. If the budget allows, invest in having a professionally made display and signage. Update your photos to the last year or two of camp. Have a photo slide running on an open laptop and a tablet ready to show people your camps details from your website.

Be ready to accept applications. Have brochures and application forms at hand. We live in a computer-driven world so you could even set up a lap top with an online application form or a newsletter subscription so you can send all interested applicants a hello and staff application at the end of the day.

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