Formally Engaging Alumni

Somewhere out there you have a substantial group of people who are passionate for your camp.  They feel a sense of belonging in your camp community and a strong desire to see your camp succeed.  They want to help.  Camp alumni - are you using this incredible resource?

Last month the Canadian Camping Association/Association des Camps du Canada published an article on their website that presented the benefits of engaging your camp alumni.

The CCA/ACC presented tidbits from the Masters research of Cheryl Williams “In What Ways Can the BC Lions Society Develop Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Alumni Camp Staff?” Referring to the camp staff alumni from the BC Lions Easter Seals Camping Program, her research has given camp some ideas and options for this beneficial relationship between camps and their loyal alumni.
Read the full article from the CCA/ACC ‘What’s New?’ and learn why you should tap into your alumni potential!
Quite often Camp Directors and management are so busy with the daily operations of running camp that it’s easy to let time go by without communicating with past staff. It is very important to put together a formal structure that easily allows these people to contribute.
How can you leverage your relationships with Camp Alumni?
  • Hold an alumni event! This is also a good way to find and attract your alumni. Make it easy to attend (price, location, program) and make a presentation on how they can continue the relationship with camp and get more involved.
  • Engage them on Facebook. Invite conversation with them through photos, video, questions, event invites, camp news, and personal stories.
  • RESPOND! If a camp alumni calls asking how they can help – put them to work. Ask them what they would like to do, their availability, and if they could come out in the near future. Even if you don’t have an immediate need, find a way to accept their offer.
  • Develop a fundraising team of camp alumni (note: People who volunteer for an organization are more likely to contribute financially to that organization) If you have alumni in mind that would be good for this job, contact them personally and ask them if they would like to get involved.
  • Create a Mentor Program for camp alumni and current/potential staff members. If you have strong leaders among your alumni (which you most likely do) you can even see if any of them would like to volunteer to spearhead this program.
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