Call for Nominations of Board Members

The Board of Directors of the Alberta Camping Association (ACA) is seeking nominees to serve as Directors.  Elections will occur at the Annual General Meeting of the ACA, March 22, 2017. There are currently two members concluding their second terms as of the AGM. Also, one current term member has resigned, so we will be filling that role. In addition, one member is eligible for election having served six months in a vacant role.

•    Familiarity with the camping industry in Alberta
•    Understanding of the mission of the ACA
•    Commitment to act in accordance with the policies of the ACA
•    Understanding of Board governance and non-profit management
•    Able to work in collaboration with other members of Board, staff, and membership
•    Willing to contribute time, energy, ideas, and to focus efforts towards the betterment of the ACA and the Alberta camping industry
•    Camp affiliate must be a member of the ACA or you must become an individual member of the ACA

SPECIFIC SKILLS considered an asset
•    Financial management experience
•    Human resource management experience
•    Experience in the legal field
•    Medical and/or first responder experience

The Alberta Camping Association does not discriminate based on gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation.  The Board seeks to balance geographic representation, gender, age and experience levels, various skills, and personality within the Board.

A more detailed job description and outline of responsibilities and opportunities can be found here.

Do you know someone you'd like to nominate? Here's the process:
1. Send them the details of the job and explain why you think they would be a great asset to the ACA.
2. Ask their permission to submit a nomination. (They may require some time to think about it and respond).   [Additional questions regarding the position and what it entails can be directed to the President at 780.892.3648 or ]      
3. If you are an individual who is interested in serving, you can apply directly using the nomination form.       
4. Submit a nomination online. (The form can be printed, filled in and mailed to Gerrit  Leewes, Camp Warwa, Box 29, Darwell, AB T0E 0L0)

DEADLINE for receipt of nominations is March 15, 2017. Earlier nominations will give the committee a chance to thoroughly review and select applicants so that a slate of nominees can be presented at the AGM.
Nominators must be a member of the ACA or a staff / supporter of an member organization.