Financial Assistance

The Education Services Fund was created by the Alberta Camping Association (ACA) membership to financially assist member camps to attend ACA educational events and assist in their professional development and service to the community. It is the goal of the ESF to fund as many member camps, individual and student members as possible with the limited funds available and to encourage new delegates, members whose attendance has lapsed and camps with demonstrable financial need to attend ACA educational events.

Any employee or volunteer of a member Camp may apply for funding.  The Camp member must be a member “in Good Standing” of the ACA (all membership fees must be paid, including fees for the current year).  An Individual or Student member in Good Standing may also apply for funding.

A maximum award of $200 may be given to each applicant. Fifty percent (50%) of the awarded amount will be deducted from the applicant’s registration fee. The second fifty percent (50%) will be forwarded by cheque to the address provided by the applicant after the final report has been received and accepted.

NOTE: Eligibility does not guarantee funding.

* only ACA educational events.
* only eligible expense is the registration fee. (ESF will not accept applications for funding
travel or other expenses).

A final report must be received by the ACA office within 30 days of the end of the event.  The final report must outline the realization of objectives stated in application including (a), key
strategies and topics to be shared with your colleagues or community (b), funding recognition (c), and any other comments or feedback.

To submit an application

For more information please email