Tim Horton Children's Ranch


As a Counsellor with the Tim Horton Children's Ranch you will:

  • Support the successful execution of camp activities and wilderness trip experiences, connecting them back to the THCF Youth Leadership Program Framework
  • Encourage camper development through their own processing and readiness, and recognize their achievements
  • Use respectful, positive behaviour management techniques
  • Exhibit a constant duty of care for our campers, and appropriately assess and respond to risks
  • Be challenged physically and mentally as you live in an overnight camp or wilderness setting for 10 day sessions, with 2 days of break in between
  • Learn that the challenge is also rewarding, and will experience personal growth alongside the campers you are supporting

Position Dates: June 10 - August 31, 2018

Salary: $440 - $770 bi-weeklyd


Send your resume and cover letter to rachel.clark@thcf.com