Inspirational Stories

The Alberta Camping Association is looking for inspirational stories about camp for our blog, newsletter and social media. 

Summer camps in Alberta positively touches the lives of thousands of children and youth every year! We have all heard stories of gained self-confidence, life-long friendships, community and belonging, plus don't forget those wacky camp tales too!

We all have stories - let's share them! Here are some things you could write about:

  • Your first time at summer camp.
  • Your first summer as summer camp staff.
  • The time you... (rode a horse, went on an outtrip, paddled a canoe, climbed a mountain...etc.)
  • How you've seen camp be positive experience for a camper or staff member.
  • Your favourite thing about camp (The food! The campfires! The friends!)
  • The best camp story you've ever heard or told.

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