Award of Achievement Past Recipients

To recognize individuals who have contributed significantly to a member camp, and therefore raised the quality of organized camping in Alberta. 

2017 Wes Burns, Samantha O'Neill
2015 Christine Fisher, Chris Sheasby, Nikki Thompson
2014  Courtney Armstrong, Paul Kopjar
2011 Leone Johannson
2010 Mike MacKay, Aly Topping
2009 Dale Kiselyk, Jana Reed
2008 Rowena Morris, Laura Spruyt
Ray Tamera Coller & Family, Paul D'Angelo, Dan Grassick
2006 Kinsmen Club of Calgary
2005 Mike Horembala, Ernest Klaus, Terry Garrett
2004 Collene Finkbeiner
2003 Mervyn Pedde
2002 Denzle & Betty Laporte, Norm Motkosky
2001 Roy Raymond, Rafael & Victoria Aguilar, Steve Hill - Action Septic
2000 Ruth Smillie, Gloria Wilson, Loreen Jacobs, Dorothy Violini, Betty Slater,               Leroy Overacker
1999 Glenn & Marion Krausnick, Marian Sczesny
1998 Valerie Caldwell, Kathleen Koehler, Rick Krushelnicki, Jerry Muench,             Wayne Perkins, Michael Walters
1997 Father Eric Nelson, Henry Kieser, Rev David Crawford, Hank Flemmer