Haskin Canoe

Haskin Canoe is based out of the Edmonton area. However our adventures and courses are offered throughout the province.  There are paddling opportunities throughout the summer, snowshoeing in the winter, and Red Cross First Aid, PeopleSavers, and Wilderness First Courses year around.  

 For over 20 years, owner and Chief Education Officer, Priscilla Haskin has been leading wilderness canoe trips and providing canoe training.  Here in Alberta, she is recognized as one of Paddle Canada's leading providers of canoe certification and has been instrumental in the updating and development of the national canoe programs.

 Priscilla brings that same passion, quality and professionalism to the development of Haskin Canoe, its programs and leadership. Haskin Canoe specializes in canoe lessons, instructor courses, voyageur canoe tours, trips and training, as well as intro to kayaking and SUP boarding.