Board of Directors Job Description

Thank you for considering service with the Board of Directors for the Alberta Camping Association.

Information regarding the structure, responsibilities, and benefits of Board service is provided below.


Mission Statement: The Alberta Camping Association is dedicated to promoting, organizing, and advancing camps in Alberta.

  • Promoting means to provide information to the public regarding the benefits of member camp programs and services.
  • Organizing means to develop and evaluate best practices for members of the camp industry.
  • Advancing means to provide resources for camp organizations to improve their level of service and be engaged in the community as a voice on behalf of member camps.
  • Camps refers to short term events in which four of the five following criteria are met:
    • Physically active experience
    • Natural environment experience
    • Community experience
    • Educational experience
    • Peer-Leadership experience


  • Formed in 1949; incorporated in 1971
  • Current membership is made up of 85 camps, 7 commercial members, 0 associate members, 35 lifetime members (non-voting)
  • The Association is funded primarily by a grant from the Government of Alberta ~ Recreation & Physical Activity Division (RPAD).  Along with the grant funds, office space is provided at the Percy Page Centre in Edmonton.
  • The other main revenue sources are membership fees,  and program/conference fees.
  • Major activities of the organization include the Standards and Accreditation program, Annual Camping Conference, monthly newsletter distribution, and government relations.

ACA Staff

  • Executive Director: Gwen Dell'Anno began as the full time Executive Director in November 2012. The ED is responsible for hiring and supervising the summer Accreditation visitor as well as contract Social Media and Bookkeeping.


The Board serves to monitor the fulfillment of the mission, vision, and business of the ACA. The Board regularly assesses project progress and adjusts plans as needed in consultation with staff. The Board is responsible for managing risk, ensuring that all activities of the organization are undertaken within the law and best practices of the industry.   The Board is also responsible for the financial health of the organization, including revenue generation and distribution of funds received.

In the past, the ACA Board has been highly operational in focus – taking on the day to day management of the organization themselves. More recently, the Board has transitioned to a governance style Board, and is operational only in very limited and particular circumstances.  As an organization, we are still actively negotiating and learning how to achieve this in a way that serves the Association and the individuals involved to achieve the best possible outcome for the ACA.

Committees report regularly to the Board, and work with the Executive Director to determine the strategic direction and focus in their area of consideration and may make recommendations to the Board when assessing the overall health and direction of the ACA.

Current committees are:

  • Executive & Personell Committee:  composed of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary
  • Standards & Accreditation Committee: provides direction for Accreditation processes, submits accreditations to the BoD for approval, reviews and updates the Standards document
  • Member Services Committee: provides direction for events (including Conference) and services that are provided to our members (website, networking events, etc.)
  • Fund Development Committee: helping the association to gain sustainable funding for stability into the future. The Treasurer is also a member of this committee.

The Executive Director is responsible for the management and deliverables of the organization. Committees may advise the ED on details of particular projects. In addition, the ED may organize (with or without the assistance of the committee chair) working groups to assist in completing the work (deliverables) of the ACA.


The members of the ACA Board seek to serve and improve the industry as a whole. Decisions are made by majority vote, however consensus is the goal in all cases. Discussion is lively, engaging, equal, fair and respectful. Each Board member has the right to be heard and their ideas thoughtfully considered by all other Board members.


  • The Board is made up of 9 members. All members serve voluntarily and receive no remuneration. The ACA provides Director’s and Officers Liability Insurance coverage for all Board members.
  • Nominations for the Board are given to the Association Membership by the Nominating Committee at the Annual General Meeting of the Association (usually in March). Board service (usually) begins with election. (In the event of vacancies, a member may be asked mid-year to serve and would be elected at the next AGM).
  • Terms are 3 years in length.
  • A maximum of 2 terms may be served consecutively. If one year or less of a term is served, the member is remains eligible to serve 2 consecutive three year terms. (In other words, if you take over a one year vacancy ~ or less).
  • The ACA Board is a primarily a governance board, with some operational duties remaining.
  • Positions of the Board are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director at Large (5). The President, Vice-President and Secretary and Treasurer form the Executive Committee. All Directors at Large are expected to serve on 1 Board Committee.
  • Board Positions and committee memberships are determined on an annual basis, by the Board members, at the first meeting after the Annual General Meeting.
  •  [NOTE: meeting schedule is currently in discussion. BoD meetings are generally monthly (except for July and August) with every second meeting being an in-person meeting, generally held in Red Deer with lunch included. Opposing months are teleconference calls generally lasting for 2 hours.]


  • Prepare for and attend meetings, engage in discussion, and treat all members and staff with respect.
  • Seek to serve the camping industry as a whole, refrain from advocating for policies which specifically benefit you as an individual or a camp you represent, to the harm of the industry.
  • Represent the ACA in a positive light publicly, and seek to further the interests of the Association.
  • Each Board member must become and individual member of the Association.
  • Each Board member must submit a current Security Clearance Check.
  • No financial contributions from Board members are expected.


Upon election to the Board, you will be provided with the information needed to inform yourself on Board matters. The following documents are provided for you.

  • ACA By-Laws
  • Policies and Procedures for the Board and the organization
  • Current Business Plan
  • Strategic documents
  • Minutes from the previous year
  • Financial update & budget information


  • Introduction to the broader camping community and it’s many unique characters
  • Opportunity to make an impact as an individual in leadership of the industry
  • Keep abreast of industry trends, issues, research and opportunities
  • Gain experience working with a non-profit organization, experience which can be applied at your own camp or with other organizations you serve
  • It just might be fun!