Repsol Sport Centre

Calgary, AB
About Repsol Sport Centre

Repsol Sport Centre (formerly Talisman Centre), is one of Canada’s leading training, competition and fitness facilities. CoreSPORT & SPORTainment is our exclusive two pronged approach to delivering some of the coolest, most innovative and exhilarating camp programming out there. Take a look and see all the ways your kids can get active and catch the love of sport!

There is no shortage of fun, thrills and sport discovery for ages 4-12. This unique camp experience will rock their worlds, and you’ll end up with an inspired, happy, healthy and super active kid. This is where DREAMS start, let us plant the seed, and then you can watch them grow!

Office Contact

  • 2225 Macleod Trail South
  • Calgary, AB T2G 5B6
Phone:(403) 233-8393