Workshop Offerings

From programming and activities, kitchen maintenance to human resources, board governance and fundraising, the Alberta Camping Association has lined up camp professionals to present a wide variety of topics.  There are many educational workshops and presentations that will benefit you and your camp.

 Monday, March 18, 2019

Evening Keynote Address: Problem Solving at Camp

How can we calmly find solutions for our everyday challenges, big and small, at camp? 

Keynote Speaker: Kim Scherger, Executive Director, Manitoba Camping Association
Kim has been fortunate to have a long history in the camping industry. After growing up going to family camps and overnight camps and enjoying the family cabin followed by volunteering then working summer jobs at camp for a few years, she made a career of camp and served as executive director at Luther Village camp in NW Ontario for 25 years until moving to MCA in February 2017. Her husband Rick and their two daughters love the outdoors thanks to growing up at camp for so many years and now their youngest daughter is spending her summers working at camp. Kim loves the deep-seeded life learning camp gives to campers of all ages and to staff, and continues to enjoy many outdoor pursuits along with her dogs Luna & Brees.


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Workshop Session 1 -  9:30 AM

Emotional Regulation and Executive Function - the underlying challenge for ADHD Campers

ADHD campers can struggle in different ways at school, in camp, or in community groups. Often the staff and volunteers working with these campers do not understand the underlying issues of emotional regulation and executive function skills lagging behind for these campers. We will be learning about Executive Function, Emotional Regulation, their link to ADHD, as well as take away solutions to use at camp. (let me know if you need more for this)

Presenter: Kathleen Gurski is the Manager of Camp Amicus and Recreation programs for those ages 8-25 with Learning Disabilities, ADHD and related diagnoses.She has been in the field of camping and outdoor education for over 15 years, with the last 10 spent working with special populations.


Family Style Kitchen : With Meaghan & Katelyn

We will talk about how we handle special diets & food substitutions, kitchen & menu organization along with our budgeting & food cost best practices. Will also include quick presentation & demonstration (+snacks!) of our new Naboo Combi Oven (its actually here this year!) plus a round table discussion to hear how other camps operate.


Meaghan McNamee : This is Meaghan’s 6th year working at Camp Kindle and 3rd season in the kitchen. Since becoming Food Service Manager Meaghan has embraced the opportunity to steam-line menu, develop new systems, as well as taking steps to make the kitchen more efficient and user friendly. 


Katelyn Bierworth : This is Katelyn’s 2nd season in the kitchen as Food Services Coordinator. Katelyn is very passionate with her job here, being able to help out to those whom are affected by cancer. From trying out new ideas, or amping up previous recipes, Katelyn has elevated the quality and expectations of what our kitchen provides for our campers and user groups.


Workshop Session 2 - 11:00 AM

 Productive Play - Social Emotional Skills

Camp Amicus has been creating meaningful social skill programs for 35 years. Integrating social skills, emotional regulation skills, and current evidence-based practices into engaging camp programming is our specialty. We will be breaking down principles of our program, as well as running through a couple of activities that integrate these skills. 

Presenter: McKenzie McLoughlin been working with Camp Amicus for three years, first working as front line staff and then becoming the Program Coordinator for Camp as well as their year-round therapeutic recreation programs. This summer she will the be the POLARIS coordinator for their teen's leadership program. She is currently in her final semester to become a teacher, is very passionate about teaching children, and camp has taught her a tremendous amount about social skills and how they're a vital part of a child's development. 

Budgets - "Know Your Numbers"

This introduction into budgeting is great for new directors. We will look at the idea of mission vs. margin, and how we can make the tough choices when budgeting. We will present our budget and be left with a better idea of how we can use the budgeting process to plan out the future of our camp.

Presenter: Jared Baillie has worked at the YMCA for 8 years, holding several different positions. At present he is the Director of Chief Hector, In university he took Business law, with a focus on international business. Money has never been a central focus in my life, but a manager once told me that “knowing your numbers” is the key to getting stuff done in a company.


Workshop Session 3 - 1:30 PM

Fun(d) Raising for All Seasons

It is a constant struggle to come up with new ways to raise or find money to support our camps, but it doesn't have to be! The session will start with sharing some of the familiar paths of fund raising, and how they are being “tweaked” today. Then we will shift into the sharing of ideas and exchanges of our resources. Bring some paper to jot down new ideas, names of other workshop participants and possible contacts of people or companies that help you organize and run great events.

Presenter: Lois Snider-Norby has been associated with Camp Kannawin (Presbyterian Church in Canada), Sylvan Lake off and on for over 40 years. Lois is a graduate of Ontario Bible College (now Tyndale College) with a Bach. of Sacred Music and a Bach. of Religious Education. A few of her Religious Education courses included Christian Camping. In the 1980s – 1990s I directed camps of 60+ campers and rotated through our Camp Sub-committees, including promotion and fund raising.

Workshop Session 4 - 3:00 PM

 Inclusion Training

Between Friends helps to break down barriers that separate people by providing an overview for working with people with different needs in social, recreation and volunteer programming. We aim to empower everyone to become an agent of change, and to promote inclusion not only in the workplace, but within their everyday lives. This training is also intended to provide information on making facility design, programming and policy more inclusive through Universal Design practices.

Presenter: Amanda Wilson is a Community Engagement Coordinator with Between Friends. Between Friends provides quality social, recreation and self-development opportunities for people with disabilities to connect, grow and belong. Amanda helped launch the expansion of the Between Friends I.C.A.N! service, which promotes inclusive activities throughout Calgary. I.C.A.N! connects people with disabilities to community based programs by building capacity through training, consultation and direct program support. She has sat on the CAN table for Newcomers with Disabilities and has co-chaired Calgary’s International Day for Persons with Disabilities in 2017 and 2018.