Workshop Offerings

From programming and activities, kitchen maintenance to human resources, board governance and fundraising, the Alberta Camping Association has lined up camp professionals to present a wide variety of topics.  There are many educational workshops and presentations that will benefit you and your camp.

Workshop #1 - Tuesday 22, 9:30am-10:45am

1. Creating a Healthy Culture Through Feedback  - Ruby Compton

Ever have staff tell you they want more feedback and then when you give it, especially if it’s negative, their feelings get hurt? Join this session to tackle one of the hardest and most important skills as a staff manager: giving feedback. This session will share techniques to create a culture of feedback and show how to facilitate opportunities for a healthy exchange of feedback among your camp team.

2.  Facility and Assets - Rob Brown, Camp Chief Hector

When an opportunity to improve your camp comes along, be it casually, through an introduction, or even on a cold call the optimal approach is one that puts your organization forward as a strategic and professional steward of your resources. Demonstrating your strengths in these areas are often more important than your mission from a donors’ perspective as they seek to make effective gifts with their resources. This session assumes your organization is required to fundraise on a variety of levels to be successful. Campership, staff scholarships and bursaries, endowment funds for operations, and capital campaigns of varying sizes. Together we will walk through the myriad of proposal formats, the pitch summaries, and the campaign guides to a concise summary of fundable projects that are priced in a professional manner suitable for foundation review boards, dedicated alumni, or new and long term donors.

 We will cover the following concepts; Formal Project Estimation, Assets Valuation, Pitches, Proposals, Applications, Using Internal Teams Strategically, Donor Engagement Options and Donor Stewardship.

 Workshop #2 - Tuesday 22, 11:00am-12:15pm

1.  Out of the Starting Gate – Activities to Build a Healthy Team – Kathy Haras, Adventureworks! Inc.

Come learn and experience the evidence-based framework that enables you to use a variety of adventure activities to build a healthy team during staff training. During this active        facili-training session participants will have an opportunity to engage in hands-on activities and reflection exercises designed to nurture and retain seasonal staff.

Kathy is Vice President and Principal Consultant for Adventureworks! Associates Inc. She has been facilitating outdoor adventure experiences for over 15 years. Kathy has worked with a variety of clientele including; corporate management teams, people with disabilities, and Olympic athletes. Kathy holds Bachelors degrees in Outdoor Recreation and Natural Science, a Masters Degree in Recreation Administration and a Ph.D. in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M University. Kathy has taught at McMaster, Brock, and Lakehead Universities. Kathy is a TSSA licensed ADMR-Zip Line Mechanic and an ACCT certified Inspector – Supervisor. Kathy is a member of the ACCT Design, Performance, and Inspection Standards Committee.

2. Filling The Gaps with International Staff - Jonathan Nyquist

3. Creating an inclusive environment at your camp - Hilary Mutch, Camp FYrefly

Learn how to support, recognize and understand diversity in the context of overnight camp programs. Information will be provided about Camp fYrefly, a 4-day camp for LGBTQ+ youth. Learn about sexual and gender diverse identities, and strategies for supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth in an overnight camp setting. I will also provide examples of other overnight camping policies on inclusion and provide additional resources to participants.

Hilary is an educator and Camp fYrefly Coordinator at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and holds a B.A. in English Literature from McGill University. Before Camp fYrefly she spent six seasons as a counsellor and senior staff member with both spring and summer programs at Camp Chief Hector YMCA. Her experience working at summer camps was life-changing, and continues to inspire her work with youth. As the LGBTQ+ Youth Programs and Education Coordinator she believes in bringing youth-centered and creative programming to participants. Outside of her work, she’s passionate about hiking, skiing, cycling, and hanging out with her cat.

4. Emergency PoPs – How to update and prepare for the worst

Workshop #3 - Tuesday 22, 1:15pm-2:30pm

i. Volunteer Engagement, Camper families/Alumni - Tracey

Whether they be new to your organization, or alumni or family members of your camping programs, volunteers are often the key to keeping operations functioning smoothly. Join us as we discuss the elements of a healthy volunteer engagement program.

ii. Strategic planning - Heather O'Neill, Camp Cadicasu

Panel Discussion


Roundtable Discussions Wednesday 23, 9:00am-10:15am

 i. AGM Q&A session – Here’s your chance to have feedback and get your questions answered. The Board executive and committee chairs will be present to field any questions and direct the discussion.