Going to Camp Without a Friend

Many campers attend camp without a friend.  However, this can be an intimidating experience for some youth.

At camp, campers become a part of a cabin group, and each group is led by one or more cabin leaders, whose job it is to  personally welcome each camper upon arrival to camp and introduce them to their cabin mates. 

Cabin life stresses friendships and cooperative living, through respect, acceptance and cooperation among all members of the group. 

The cabin group members generally enjoy many of their daily activities together and share a sleeping space for the week. 

Camp directors pay careful attention when composing cabin groups.  An important consideration is creating a blend of campers conducive to formulating new friends.    

To help your child.....

  • Practice making new friends with your Child
  • Talk about how to do this with specifics:
            - Smile and say "hello"
            - Ask them to walk with you
            - Ask them to sit by you
            - Move over to include them
            - Ask them questions about themselves
                    - Where are you from?
                    - What are your favorite activities?

If you have any questions about sending your child to camp or require more information, please contact us at info@albertacamping.com