Camp is Over. Time to Rest.

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Well done! You’ve completed another successful season of action-packed, skills-developing, life-changing, memory-building summer camp! Campers have left the property and your summer staff are finishing up your final duties. Many Alberta summer camps run fall and winter programs for school and community groups, but some of you will not start up again until planning for the 2017 summer camp season resumes.

All summer you’ve been running around managing staff, executing programs and making sure the hundreds of people that came on your property this summer were well-cared for. Regardless of whether you’re jumping right back into camp programming, or are doing something else this off-season, it’s important that camp directors take the time to care for themselves.

Reflect and recharge.

Reflecting on your summer is a great way to recharge and find motivation for what comes next. Tie up those lose ends at camp and think about ways you can improve next season. Reflect on staffing, training, facilities, programs, etc. Not only will it be a way of debriefing yourself, it will also give you something to take to your Board of Directors so you can work together to create a work plan for next season. Remember to give yourself plenty of time for this, take breaks and take it easy!

Take care of yourself.

If you care for yourself, you’ll be better able to care for others. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep over the next week or so, continue to drink plenty of water and make healthy food choices. Go for a walk, get exercise, spend time with love ones and do whatever fills your bucket the most.

Before you jump into fall programming, make sure you’re healthy both physically and mentally. Talk to someone you trust if you have any concerns or problems, know you limits, recognize stress and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Have fun.

Camp is fun! If you’re starting a fall season of programming, make it a fun time for your and your staff. Do fun things together and create a joyful, team atmosphere. If you have some time off, go do the things you enjoy the most. Take a camping trip with your family, make time to do your personal hobby or favourite activity or spend your time at home napping if that’s what you’d prefer!

Do you have any ideas for how camp directors can unwind after summer camp? Share them on the Alberta Camping Association Facebook page!


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