Grants and Funding Sources for Summer Camps

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Without proper funding your non-profit summer camp won’t be able to run its programs, maintain facilities or embark on any big projects that will help you grow. Finding that funding can be a challenge, especially if you run with a skeleton crew in the off-season. Whether you have fund development staff or not, everyone should be involved in fund development activities at your camp. That includes staff, members and especially board members.

Grants are a huge part of non-profit funding and there are so many available out there. Taking the time to research and apply for grant funding can make a huge difference in your funding endeavors. There are hundreds of organizations and agencies offering grants for a wide variety of things and your camp just might be eligible. Learn more about writing a successful grant application.

The Alberta Camping Association has compiled a list of funding sources that you can research and possibly apply for.

Imagine Canada Grant Connect

“We connect you with funders who share your cause so that big things can happen.” Grant Connect offers a well-researched data base of available grants, funders and other resources. There is a small subscription fee to use the website. 

Edmonton Community Foundation

The Edmonton Community Foundation supports requests from charities representing arts, culture and heritage; education and learning; community and social services; health and wellness; recreation and leisure and the environment through it’s Community Grants Program. 

Calgary Community Foundation

Community Grants help make Calgary and area a great place to live for everyone by strengthening all parts of the charitable sector and engaging citizens in building their communities. Grant request deadlines are noon on February 15 and September 10 each year. Read the Community Grants Guidelines to learn about eligibility and the grant request process.

Alberta Lottery Fund

Each year, thousands of volunteer and community-based organizations receive financial support from the Alberta Lottery Fund. 

The Muttart Foundation

Funding under the Bursary and Training programs is available to social service charities and early childhood education and care charities. 


“Since 1991 we have provided over $9 million worth of funds to more than 4,000 projects across Canada, ranging from wetland restoration to school ground food gardens.” Evergreen offers grant funding through a variety of environment enhancement programs.

The Funding Portal

The Funding Portal is a website that contains a searchable database of over 7,000 government funding, grants, tax incentives and private financing programs for business, universities, hospitals, charities and non-profits. There is approximately $30 billion in available funding each year. 

Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network

We are a network of funders inspired by a vision of an environmentally sound and sustainable Canada and working to strengthen the impact of philanthropy in support of that vision. Together, we represent private, public, community, and corporate foundations that share a desire to learn, collaborate, and leverage resources in pursuit of common priorities. 

Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks, and Wildlife Foundation (ASRPWF) Funding

The ASRPWF offers a variety of funding programs that are related to sport, recreation, parks, wildlife and active living. 

Alberta Sport Connection

The Alberta Sport Connection believes that all people should have opportunities to enjoy and participate in sport events. We are pleased to provide a number of grants funded by the Alberta Sport Connection, related to sport. 

Google Grants

A Google Grant is a grant that gives you a $10, 000 PER MONTH in free-pay-per click advertising. Google is not giving you money; they are giving your credit for Google AdWords every month to use specifically for online advertising on Google. 

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