Encouraging Staff Halfway Through Summer Camp

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Well done, summer camp professionals! You’ve made it halfway through the summer camp season! Your properties have been buzzing with activity: wild games, high ropes adventures, horseback riding, paddling, swimming and plenty of silly songs around the campfire. You’ve been through too much sun and too much rain and likely, too much work!

The middle of summer can feel discouraging for summer camp staff. They are exhausted physically and need a rest, but there isn’t one coming for another month. Plus, even though they need the rest, they are probably dreading the end of another awesome summer out at camp. If you see your summer camp staff lacking energy, they might need some refreshers to help get them through to the fall.

Here are some ideas to motivate your summer camp staff mid-summer:

Give lots of praise when you see a job well done. As a camp director, your staff will hang on the words that you say. If you see them doing a good job with a camper or on an activity, be sure to tell them so. Thank them for their hard work. A person who feels acknowledged and appreciated will feel motivated to continue to do an exceptional job.

Have mini staff parties. If you have a regular staff meeting in the mornings or at the beginning or end of each week of camp, why not make it a little more fun? Pick up some snacks that aren’t usually on the camp menu and maybe play a few games. You can even have some staff help organize these little events so they have something to look forward too.

Use staff meetings to publicly acknowledge a few staff members that have gone above and beyond. Use staff meetings to recognize those staff members who you have seen do great things during the week. Getting a little recognition in front of their peers will make them feel special and good about what they do. It will also encourage your other staff and motivate them to do a great job too.

Do a round of encouragement cards. One of our favourite mid-summer team building activities is filling out encouragement cards for staff. Not only should you be writing a short note in an encouragement card for each staff member, you should use a staff meeting to pass around the cards so every staff member can play a part in encouraging their team members. Not only will this boost confidence among your staff, it will also give them a keepsake from the summer to take home with them.

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