Life skills gained working at camp

For those of us that have worked at camp as a youth or young adult, we know the meaningful life skills it has given us for adulthood. From leadership to teamwork, to communication and resolving conflict, the skills are many. This blog from Go Camp Pro shares 7 worth mentioning:

Learning that first impressions aren’t the last impression.

People say that the first impression you make is the most important. While that’s true, those of us that have worked at camp quickly learn that a bad first impression (or a good one) might not paint the entire picture regarding a fellow camp staff or camper.

Camp allows you to get to know a people, in all their weirdness and complexities, so you don’t miss out on building lifelong relationships with the least expected people.

You’re not going to like everyone, but you can still work with them.

At summer camp, you’ll work with a wide variety of personality types and some of them might not mesh great with your own. Welcome to the real world! Just like at camp, we will always have to work with people we don’t necessarily like and camp teaches us how to do so productively and with grace. Camp teaches us to put our feelings aside and work together to get the job done.

Camp makes good communicators.

Everyone who has worked at camp has done a communication team building exercise of some kind and working with large groups of people teaches that good communication is a must.. Throughout the summer camp staff will have to pass along instructions to each other, become good listeners and good explainers too. This will be an effective tool in any future job, because effective communication is essential in any kind of teamwork situation.

You have a capacity to learn and learn you will.

At camp, young people are put to many different tasks and are constantly learning new things. From leading an activity to baking cookies to mowing the lawn or repairing a canoe. Camp staff learn how to quickly follow instructions, learn from others and then put the knowledge to practice. This will come in handy in every new job you will take on throughout life.

Knowing your limits.

Sometimes, you must accept your limitations and the fact that you won’t be able to do everything. Whether it’s mental or physical, everyone has a limit to what they can do and can’t do and that is okay! Knowing your limits lets you step back and let others take care of those tasks while you focus and master the things you can do. Appreciate and hone the skills you do have.

Top notch preparation skills.

A well-laid out plan results in a good program and lots of kids having fun. Whatever your job is at camp, arming yourself with resources, knowledge and support before hand will set you up for success. Just like you would study for a test or take the time to work on a project, the same thoughtfulness is required working at camp and that will translate well into the workplace later in life.

It’s okay to go out of your comfort zone.

Camp is the best place to step out of your comfort zone and test your boundaries. Whether it’s leaping out of a tower on a zipline, riding a horse or leading a bunch of kids in campfire songs - stepping out in this way will allow you to face your fears and not allow them to hold you back from achieving something great. While not everything is for everyone, taking a wee step outside of your comfort zone will help you expand your horizons.  

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