5 Time Management Tips for Camp Directors

Camp directors wear many hats. At some camps, the camp director could oversee programming, human resources, administration and even facility maintenance. No matter how your camp defines the ‘director’ position, it’s likely that you’re juggling many jobs and that can be challenging.

Here are some time management tips, that can help streamline your processes, saving time and energy too:

1. Hire the right people.

Having the right team of camp staff, seasonal and year-round, will make a huge difference in the life of a camp director. Great staff can take a lot off your plate, so make that effort to hire as many experienced, trustworthy and camp-passionate people as your budget allows. Then start delegating. Read more about that in the next point.

2. Find out what your staff are good at.

Learn about the specific skills your staff might have and start giving them jobs they’ll be good at. If you’re struggling keeping on top of your camp’s social media, ask your staff or alumni if anyone is particularly good at social media marketing. Another staff member might have some rocking programming ideas while another might be great at fixing small building repairs. Put those talents to work so you can focus on the management side of things.

3. Invest in a website with camp management software.

A lot of non-profit camps could use a web update. It can be expensive but investing in a more functional website with a camp management program can take a lot of work off your hands and pay for itself in the long run. Things like online registration, waiver trackers, automatic waiting lists, cabin assignments, payment processing and other camp management tools can really streamline many of your camp’s administration processes - and it can all be done online!

The Alberta Camping Association works with camp management programming companies. Find a list of our commercial members here.

4. Make sure information parents need is online.

In today’s digital age, parents will want to go to your website to answer any questions they might have. If they can’t find that information on the website, they will call your office or send you an email. If you find you’re answering far too many simple questions on the phone or via email, put that information on your website! It can be a FAQ page or general information for parents, but it needs to be thorough and very easy to find.

5. Work smarter.

Have you ever heard the saying work smarter, not harder? Think of ways you can streamline your processes. If it’s not delegating it to your staff team, are there tools out there that can help you do the job? If the budget allows, can you farm out some tasks to a third-party company? Are there tools and software out there to allow you to do your job more efficiently? Consider each task on your daily to-do list, and decide if you’re tackling them the smart way or the hard way.



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