A Helpful Hint for Camp Directors

"Hints" from Joanna Warren Smith

Parents Respond to Confidence and the Ability to Relate!

Across the country, parents tell me that they select camps that have assured and knowledgeable Directors/representatives who easily connect to the child and the family.  Unfortunately, this style is not innate to all.  What you say is critical, but how you (and those who speak on you behalf) say 'it' is equally, if not more important.

 For instance, if a mom on tour asks 'How big is your camp?', some will respond with '80 acres', others will say 'we serve 1,000 kids each  summer' and a few will boast '200 campers/session.'

 The intention is to impress, but for many moms, it causes them to wonder if their child can succeed in such a large community. 

 According to parents, there is only one right answer.  'In David's cabin/group, there will be 9 other boys his age and 2 counselors.'

 Then if asked, you can mention your total population and acreage, but the initial response tells a mom that you've got the individual attention that will enable her child to thrive.

 As you head into the New Year, you and your team can become more confident  and able to connect.


  • Actively listen to yourself and others.  As you work to convert inquiries into sales, do you and they sound proud of the program and convinced of its positive outcomes for campers?  Is the language utilized direct and powerful or uncertain?  Are the examples relevant to today's families? 
  • Confirm that your team is connecting.  Are phones answered in a professional, yet warm way?  Do camp representatives give their names to encourage familiarity?  Does your team use the child and parent's names often?
  • Create FAQs.  Certainly, some parents will ask unique questions, but most will go with standard ones.  Provide scripts that your team members can use to strengthen their confidence ... using their own personalities to punctuate the information.
  • Track communications to conversions.  It's important to note who spoke with/toured a family and how many actually convert into campers.

Once parents encounter confidence and 'connect' with a camp's representatives, they tell me that they move that opportunity to the top of their lists. Go for it!

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