Kids Activities for a Christmas Camp

Having a reunion Christmas party or retreat with your campers and staff? Here are some activities with a Christmassy twist that will help you fill the day with exciting, educational, and memorable programming for everyone.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Your group can divide into teams or this can be done individually. It’s like a regular scavenger hunt but with a Christmas twist! Each camper or team needs to find items around camp that begin with the letters of the word Christmas.

If you want to make it a little more difficult, instruct them to find items in the order of the letters of the word. So they would have to find and produce an item that begins with ‘C’ before moving on to ‘H’.   Give each team a card or piece of paper with the word Christmas on it so they can check off what they’ve found and write down the item next its corresponding letter.

You can let them search indoors and outside, or one or the other, it’s totally up to you.   After each team has completed the scavenger hunt, have them present their items to the group.

Snow Tree

Everyone loves building snowmen. Take the snow building idea and make it a bit more creative by having them build snow trees. The best part is the decorating.   Divide your group into smaller groups of 3-4 campers. Have them pick an area outside and start building their ‘tree’ in the snow.

Give each group squeeze bottles filled with a food colouring and water mixture. The more colours the better. Let them squeeze to their hearts content to decorate their tree.   You can make this more interesting by offering prizes for the most creative, first tree completed, or the prettiest tree.

Finish off the activity with a tour of all the trees and head inside for some hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.

Camper Christmas Lunch – Stone Soup

Have each camper bring an ingredient from home for stone soup. Don’t tell them what to bring or assign ingredients, just make sure they bring a vegetable, grain, or some kind of legume. When they arrive, help them chop up the ingredient they brought (or cut it up for them) and combine all of the ingredients in a pot of boiling water for several hours. Add seasoning as desired.  

The lesson: Each ingredient by itself might not be yummy and satisfying by itself, but when they are brought together they make a warm, healthy, and tasty soup! This teaches them cooperation, teamwork, and that sharing at Christmas has a wonderful result.

Winter Activity Classics 

Throw in a few of these winter classics and you'll have a fun-filled Christmas event for your campers and staff! 

  • snow shoeing
  • tobogganing
  • ice skating
  • building snow forts
  • hay or sleigh rides
  • marshmallow roast
  • build a snowman

Do you have some great ideas for a Christmas or winter camp retreat? Share them with us on the Alberta Camping Association Facebook page!

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