Halloween Activities

Is your camp or organization planning a special event for Halloween? We have gathered some ideas for games and crafts for the most terrifying (and very fun) time of the year!

Halloween Games

Mummy Wrap Up: 

Divide your group into groups of 4-5 people. Give each group two rolls of toilet paper...you can guess where this is going. Each group selects a team member to be the ‘mummy’, and they must race to see who can wrap up their mummy in all of the toilet paper the fastest.   Points are given to the fastest wrappers, but there is a twist! Afterwards there will be a Mummy Fashion Show so the mummy must actually LOOK like a mummy in the end so you want to encourage them to take enough time to wrap up all limbs, torso, and head. Appoint a staff member to be final fashion show judge.  

Hanging Apples: 

This game is sort of a variation of the classic ‘bobbing for apples’ game but much less messy and way more sanitary. Hang medium sized apples from strings of varying lengths from the ceiling or a piece of gym equipment. You can also have two staff members hold either end of a pole or broom stick and hang them from there.   Divide your group into two teams. Make sure there is at least one apple for each player. It might work best if there are two sets of dangling apples, one for each team depending on your group size.   At “GO!” a member from each team has to run from the starting line across the gym, or room, to the apples with their hands tied behind their backs. When they arrive they have to choose an apple and try to take a good solid bite out of it. Then they run back and tag the next person and sit down behind the starting line.     Continue the relay until every member of a team gets a bite and is sitting down. That team is the winner! Halloween Crafts

Paper Mache Jack-o-Lanterns:

This craft will take at least two days to complete so if you choose to do this activity make sure you have the time. Warning: it is very messy...which means it is very fun for kids. You can use them as piñata’s or as decoration, just make sure you don’t light a candle in them because they are very flammable.   You will need:  

  •  Balloons
  • Newspaper cut in strips
  • Flour and water to make the glue
  • Large bowl
  • Orange paint or orange tissue paper
  • Big black marker

Make the glue in the large bowl by mixing 1 part flour to about 2 ½ parts water. You’ll have to start mixing and gauge the glues consistency. There really isn’t a wrong way to do this so feel free to add as much flour/water as you need.

Depending on the age of your kids I would suggest having the newspaper strips cut before the activity. It will save a lot of time and headaches. Cut the strips about 1 inch wide.   The length doesn’t really matter. 

Blow up a balloon for each camper, or each group of campers, which ever you decide. Give them each a bowl to place their balloon in so it’s stable and you keep some of the mess off the floor.  

Have them dip the strips of newspaper in the flour glue wiping off the access by running the gluey stripe through their fingers before wrapping it around the balloon. Keep covering the balloon in strips until the entire thing is wrapped with at least three layers. 

Let the papier-mache balloon dry completely overnight.  This could take 24hours or more. If you can, put it in a warm dry room with lots of air flow to speed up the process.  

When it’s dry have a staff member pop the balloon and remove it from the inside of the paper mache.

If you’d like, cut a hole on the top of the jack-o-lantern so you can put candy inside of it. To make it sit properly on a table, place a damp cloth on the bottom of it so it makes the glue a little wet. Gently push the jack-o-lantern into the table so the bottom flattens. Make sure to do this before you paint it.

Paint it orange or cover it in orange tissue paper and don’t forget to draw in the eyes, nose, and mouth with the black marker.


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