Types of Camps

Day Camps
Day Camps operate for periods of one to eight weeks, providing opportunities for children to enjoy a camping experience during the day while sleeping at home. This type of camp may be viewed as an introductory stage to camping at a high comfort level.
Residential Camps
Residential Camps operate for periods of one to eight weeks, offering many different landscapes and experiences. The activities offered, the style of accommodations, and the camp's philosophy vary with each camp.
Religiously Affiliated Camps
These camps operate programs as an extension of their community work. In some cases, religious studies form a portion of the program, while in other cases it may simply represent the source of staff commitment and the philosophy of the programs.
Agency Sponsored Camps
There is a wide variety of social service and publicly funded organizations that maintain a camping program as an extension of the service they offer the community.

Special Needs Camps
Most camps can accommodate certain special needs; parents of campers with physical, mental, developmental, or emotional needs are advised to investigate those camps which are designated to serve those particular needs.
Municipality Camps
Many municipalities operate a camping program within their recreational program. Typically, these programs are of a day camp nature on sites in the community.
Private Camps
The term "private" refers to the ownership of the camp rather than the clientele. The philosophy, staffing, program decisions, and the site development are often closely associated with the owner/operators leadership style.