Choosing a Camp

The purpose of camp is to have a fun and safe experience, making new friends and learning new things in an outdoor setting. While every child is different, it’s important to choose a camp that will meet their specific social, emotional and physical needs.

With hundreds of camps ranging from day camps, residential, and out trip camps focusing on from activities like horseback riding, canoeing, mountaineering, to art, drama, and science there is a lot to choose from.   Learn more about the different types of camp available in Alberta. To find out what activities or type of camp that would fit with your child best, visit the Alberta Camping Associations camp directory.   

All of the ACA’s member camps have been accredited with the big stamp of ACA approval!  That means they reach a high level of standards and follow strict protocols to make sure your child is getting the best experience in the safest environment.  These standards are related to things like site, facility, administration, leadership, health, food service, and programming.

Continue your research by visiting each individual camps website.  Learn about the camps philosophy, the type of programs offered, session lengths, start dates, and cost.  If you have further questions feel free to call the camp office.  Their staff or Camp Director would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Further still, you can ask your friends, family, and neighbours about their camping experience.  Perhaps they have a camp to recommend or can help you with your research.   If you think you have the right camp in mind, talk to others to see how they found their experience there. 

Here is a Camper Worksheet and Checklist for Choosing a Camp.

If you have any questions regarding choosing a summer camp for your child feel free to contact the Alberta Camping Association at