ACA Camp/Organization Awards

Environmental Protection Award

Over the years the topic of environmental concern has increased. As the land, water and air is slowly destroyed by manmade pollution, we must realize how important nature is in sustaining our existence. In order to contribute to the protection of the environment, the Alberta Camping Association has implemented an awards program which recognizes the camp(s) which can provide  sound evidence in the contribution to the protection or conservation of the environment.  Alberta Camping Association's Environmental Protection Policy will be used as a standard in choosing the camp(s) who is most deserving of this reward. Unexpected visits to the chosen camp(s) may also occur. Either one or both methods will be implemented in obtaining the final decision.

The ACA has created the Environmental Award Program to help camps make a positive contribution to the environment. It provides well deserved recognition to the camp(s) chosen and allows campers to participate in the education and contribution to the environment.

We are looking for projects that follow the ACA's Environmental Protection Policy in improving
environmental quality or conservation of resources. Some examples are camps that:

  • Protect & conserve the land
  • Practice water conservation
  • Use bicycles instead of vehicles by staff
  • Has plant a tree program
  • Protect wildlife
  • Education that will lead to action in any of these areas

The first step is to carefully complete the application guidelines giving as much information as possible and send it to the ACA Office. The decision in choosing the most deserving camp is determined by a number of factors:

1. How large of an impact does the program have on the environment
2. The ability to educate people about the program
3. The uniqueness of the program
4. Staff or organizational input

The programs sent to us are important because we would be able to share ideas with other camps who are interested in making a contribution to the environment. The ACA believes that solutions to today's environmental problems will come from ideas and actions of concerned people like you.

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Award of Merit

The ACA Award of Merit is an annual award designated to honour individuals or groups  who have significantly contributed to the ACA and to camping development in Alberta.  Nominees may be practitioners, volunteer leaders or board members in any camping organization.

The Award shall consist of a framed certificate of recognition as well as a citation honouring the achievements of the Award winner. This citation shall be published in the ACA Awards Program, and in the ACA's newsletter.

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Award of Service

To annually recognize the commitment, dedication, and service to the Alberta Camping Association, its members, and to the organized camping industry in Alberta by a Commercial member of the Alberta Camping Association.

The award shall consist of an engraved plaque, which lists the annual recipients, to be hung in the ACA Office, as well as a Certificate of Recognition awarded to each recipient.

The application should outline the reasons why this business or organization is a worthy recipient of the Annual Award of Service. The nominee must be a current commercial member of the ACA.

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