Accreditation Process

Each member camp of the Alberta Camping Association undergoes a formal accreditation visit once every three years. If you are a member and require more information about the process please visit our member page.

Camps seeking new membership status in ACA have a full year to prepare for an Accreditation visit which happens in the second summer of membership.

Here are the steps involved.....

1. Submit your information.

2. Your membership is "conditionally accepted" within 2 months.

3. Pay your membership fees (based on your yearly expenses to operate your camp).

    Conditional/probationary membership gives you....

  1. a voting voice at the ACA Annual General Meeting
  2. a log-in and user name on our "Members Only" section which gives you access to resources and links
  3. regular receipt of our newsletter and updates for all interested staff and volunteers of your organization
  4. invitations to all our member events including Camp Tours and the Annual Conference.
  5. use of our "Accredited camp" logo on your marketing and promotions material.

3.  Pay your membership fees for year 2.  An  Accreditation Visit is set up for your second summer after which you receive "Full Accreditation" status.

Click here to find more details about the Accreditation process for new camps and how you can prepare to become accredited.