c.Lab Summer Mind and Body Camps

c.Lab Summer Mind and Body Camps
Calgary, AB
Rundle College Jr./Sr. High
About c.Lab Summer Mind and Body Camps

Camp Costs:
Full-day camp - $320
Half-day camp - $200

Early Bird Promotion - February 3 - April 3, 2020
Full-day camp - $30 off - $290 vs. $320
Half-day camp - no early bird

BODY CAMPS: will take place in the gyms at the Conklin School or on Hauk Field.
MIND CAMPS: will be offered at the Collett School.
the Academy Jr. Sr. High School.
Lunch and creative play will take place from 11:30am-12:30pm each day.
PLEASE NOTE: Campers may be dropped off and picked up no later than 10 minutes before/after camp.


Week #1:
Monday-Friday July 6-10
Gr. 4-7: Theatre Camp
Gr. 1-3: Theatre Camp

Gr. 1-3: Soccer Camp
Gr. 4-7: Soccer Camp

Week #2:
Monday-Friday July 13-17
Gr. 4-7: Circus Camp
Gr. 1-3: Circus Camp

Gr. 1-3: Basketball Camp
Gr. 4-7: Basketball Camp

Week #3:
Monday-Friday July 20-24
Gr. 4-7: Art Camp
Gr. 1-3: Art Camp

Gr. 1-3: Rugby Camp
Gr. 4-7: Rugby Camp

Week #4:
Monday-Friday July 27-31
Gr. 4-7: Lego Camp
Gr. 1-3: Lego Camp

Gr. 1-3: Volleyball Camp
Gr. 4-7: Volleyball Camp

Camp Address

  • 7375 17th Ave. SW
  • Calgary, AB T3H 3W5
Phone: (403) 703-3799

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