Town of Strathmore Summer Day Camps

Town of Starathmore Summer Day Camps
Strathmore, AB
Town of Strathmore
About Town of Strathmore Summer Day Camps

To encourage day camp participants to live actively, engage with others and build meaningful and useful skills during time away from home.

Day camp participants will achieve:
1. Active Living & Participation
Instill a sense of physical literacy; the confidence, competence and motivation to engage in recreational activities
Promote learning through play
Reduce sedentary behaviour through the provision of recreational opportunities

2. Acceptance & Inclusion
Ensure equitable participation for all, regardless of socioeconomic status, age, culture, race, Aboriginal status, gender, ability, sexual orientation or geographic location
Provide subsidiary opportunities to ensure all children and youth have access to summer programs
Ensure programming reflects a cultural component through an appropriate lens

3. Supportive Environment
Use local existing structures and spaces for multiple purposes
Supply equipment which encourages physical activity
Provide recreational opportunities as a priority

4. Connecting People & Nature
Access local, natural resources and spaces
Instill a respect for nature and all living things within

Office Contact

  • 680 Westchester Road
  • Strathmore, AB T1P-1J1
Phone:(403) 934-4918

Camp Address

  • 170 Brent Blvd.
  • Strathmore, AB T1P 1V3