Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp

Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp Association
Coleman, AB
About Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp

CLBC is an autonomous, evangelical faith ministry dedicated to bringing glory to God by responding to the needs of the whole person according to the Biblical principles of evangelism and discipleship through offering programs in a camp setting.

Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is situated in the midst of a wonderful natural environment. Since the environment is so different from that of the city, we believe that it offers children an opportunity to participate in unique kinds of activities. Therefore, instead of focusing on sports, etc. we have attempted to develop a selection of "non-regular" activities (e.g., mountain climbing, canoeing, archery, hiking, wide games, etc.)

Our location also offers easy access to wilderness areas of the Rocky Mountains. The wilderness is a very powerful facilitator in showing the presence and power of God. We have attempted to use this resource to our benefit by developing an outtripping and backpacking program, which is operated as part of all our camping sessions.

Crowsnest primarily operates on a "partially de-centralized" basis. As a result, in most camp sessions, There will be a program director overseeing the program, but the counsellors will tend to be highly involved in the running of the program (both input and implementation). We believe that the counsellors are the ones who have the greatest interaction with the campers, and therefore the greatest impact. The counsellors are able to determine the needs of the campers as the program progresses. Therefore, the program should strive to maximize the impact of the counsellor on the campers by increasing the contact between them while at the same time allowing the program director to maintain general control and contact with the group as a whole.

We are strongly evangelical – we do believe the Lord calls us to join Him in the ministry of reconciliation. We also believe that working with children carries a great responsibility to be sensitive to the issues of free choice. Children are easily influenced by those they respect. This is natural and appropriate. We need to be careful that we guide campers into decisions in the spiritual area of life, that are their own, not ours imposed on them. We don’t want campers to think that they will gain our love and acceptance by “praying a prayer”. We as a camp want to work sensitively with what the Spirit wants to do – He is the One who calls people to Himself.

Office Contact

  • Box 250
  • Coleman, AB T0K0M0
Phone:(403) 563-5120

Camp Address

  • 1201 20th Ave
  • Coleman, AB T0K0M0

Find Us

Lake site located off Hwy 3 at the West end of Crowsnest Lake just east of the BC border. Mt. Site located up McGillvray Creek Road.