YMCA of Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat Family Young Men's Christian Association
Medicine Hat, AB
About YMCA of Medicine Hat

YMCA Day Camp is a perfect place for kids to have the life experience of going on various outdoor trips, encounter thrilling adventure sports, and have time to sing traditional camp songs and participate in weekly themes!

At YMCA Camp Elkwater, in the Cypress Hills of SE Alberta, we create a life-long passion for outdoor activities and adventure for all campers by enabling them to participate in outdoor adventures, water sports, hiking, educational activities and fun camp experiences.

Aquatic and land based Programs and services for all ages in community. Health fitness and recreation.

The Medicine Hat Family YMCA, a charity supported by volunteers, is devoted to enriching our community by providing services to people of all ages within a safe, healthy environment that enhances personal wellness.

The Medicine Hat Family YMCA is recognized as a community charity that is primarily responsible for the provision of health, wellness, youth leadership, and community services.

YMCA Core Values
The Medicine Hat YMCA values:

Volunteerism and Philanthropy - The YMCA believes that the partnership between volunteers and staff is the cornerstone of the delivery of YMCA Membership programs and the YMCA members who contribute to improving community life will enhance their health and sense of well being.
Participation and Accessibility - The YMCA believes in providing opportunities for individuals and families of all backgrounds and abilities to improve their health and well being by participating in the YMCA.
Education and Prevention - The YMCA believes that lifelong preventative programs and education are essential to improving individual health and personal development and to creating a healthier community.
Self-Responsibility - The YMCA believes that it is the responsibility of the individual to improve his or her own lifestyle in a supportive YMCA environment that promotes balance and variety in a healthy way of life.
Ethical Behaviour - The YMCA believes that participants, volunteers and staff are to treat each other with courtesy and respect and that fair play is stressed and practiced in all YMCA activities.
Program Values
The YMCA’s Core values guide our everyday decisions and actions. We encourage everyone involved with the YMCA to accept and demonstrate positive values.

Caring – Compassion, generous, sensitive and thoughtful (For example: holding the door open for someone).
Honesty – demonstrated through integrity, fairness, and sincerity in words and deeds.
Trustworthy Respect – Acknowledging the inherent worth of oneself in others. Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
Responsibility – be accountable for your behaviours, actions, and obligations. Do what ought to be done.

YMCA is a charity
The Medicine Hat Family YMCA is a charitable association which depends on philanthropy, membership fees and the efforts of volunteers to fulfill our mission.
We believe that volunteers are essential partners in the development of people and advancing the work of the YMCA in the community. Volunteers govern the YMCA.
YMCA activities offered are linked to our mission and historical background. The importance of YMCA activities and programs is measured in reference to our mission statement and our end objective of Building Strong Kids, Strong Families, and Strong Communities.
We offer programs that are healthy, safe and fun for everyone. Programs are structured so each person builds confidence and self-esteem.
We are affordable to the people we serve. We are open to all ages, a variety of disadvantaged, and all income levels. Sponsorship of those who cannot afford is the charitable benefit our YMCA provides to this community.
Contribution from operations is reinvested to further programs or facilities.
Health promotion and fitness are tax-exempt public services at the YMCA. An unhealthy population is a burden on society. Prevention is the ideal.

Camp Address

  • 150 Ash Ave SE
  • Medicine Hat, AB
Phone: (403) 527-4426